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About Us

Based in Chelsea, Cleaning & Co is an independent Contract Cleaning Company offering Commercial Office Cleaning and Property Maintenance services to the commercial sector. The management has a vast level of experience in various fields, ensuring the highest commitment to both our valued customers and our highly trained and experienced cleaning and maintenance staff.

Our Staff have built over the years a loyal customer group acquiring many contracts throughout London from all sectors of industry, specialising in cleaning and maintenance of high security environments.

At Cleaning & Co Ltd we endeavour to offer a high quality service to all our customers at all times, and have a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that cleaning standards do not fall over the life of a contract. To do this we make every possible effort to employ the correct people, train them according to the job and then continue to keep them well motivated.



Our success rate at this is excellent. We have well established Quality Control and Health and Safety programmes in place, covering the essential aspects of the COSHH Health and Safety Regulations. These programmes extend to all levels of personnel throughout the company, regardless of position. All training programmes adhere to the relevant authority stipulations and where appropriate, are undertaken in association with the British Institute of cleaning Science, of which the Company is a Corporate Member.

We constantly seek out new contractors around with whom we can work with. By investing time and resources to ensuring that these contractors consistently work to our standards.

All members of our team are provided and required to wear a Cleaning & Co Ltd. uniform, and close supervision is provided at all times to ensure standards are maintained, supplies are replenished and equipment is working. An Operations Manager is allocated to all our contracts to monitor the actions of the supervisors and liaise with the client. We also provide all our contracts with a Communications Log to provide constant contact between our staff and our client.

Cleaning & Co Ltd. operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based In Chelsea, we can get to our valued customers in all London areas quickly. Call us now 020 7349 9181 for a free quotation on all our services.